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Senator Warren Issues Congressional Subpoena for “Bitcoin’s Manager”: Satoshi Nakamoto.

WASHINGTON D.C. - Senator Elizabeth Warren, in a bold move, has issued a subpoena to compel testimony from who she describes as “Bitcoin’s Manager,”: Satoshi Nakamoto.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a longtime crypto critic, warned that the existential threat posed by the cryptocurrency space will only worsen unless “Mr. Nakamoto allows regulators to look into Bitcoin’s secretive corporate databases.”

Warren on Wednesday called on regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice to, “bring Satoshi to me, I need to speak with him, ASAP”

Warren in recent days has been especially critical, noting that she “bought 10 gold plated Bitcoins on eBay and has yet to find a single retailer that would allow [her] to use them”, apparently referencing a commemorative piece of Bitcoin memorabilia sold on eBay.

Senator Warren has also called for the creation of a House committee to investigate Mr. Nakamoto, but has yet to get much traction with other members of Congress. It has been reported by sources close to the Daily Sybil that there has been a bipartisan effort to explain to Senator Warren that Satoshi Nakamoto is neither an actual person nor the ‘Manager’ of Bitcoin.

Representative Darren Soto (D-Fla.) recently expressed frustration with Senator Warren’s unwillingness to believe that Mr. Nakamoto is not an actual individual saying “the last time I grabbed some time with the Senator to discuss Bitcoin she ended up asking me to help set up her printer.”

Despite this bipartisan effort to educate Warren on Bitcoin she remains steadfast in her resolve to hold Mr. Nakamoto to account. "My subpoena is not optional," Warren noted in a recent televised interview "when a Senator of the United States commands you to appear, you appear.”

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