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Mattel Releases New “Crypto Degen” Barbie To Inspire Girls

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EL SEGUNDO, CA―With the goal of making its line of dolls more representative of our modern culture, Mattel announced the release of a new “crypto degen” barbie, which it hopes will inspire girls to dream about using massive amounts of leverage to ape into low-cap altcoins.

Shorthand for Degenerate, a Degen is a trader that does trading without due diligence and research, aping into whatever is the trending memecoin and FOMO’ing into pumps; often with copious amounts of leverage.

According to Mattel, the 11-inch tall figurine comes with a miniature smartphone that contains the Robinhood App and subscriptions to a few key subreddits including: r/satoshistreetbets. In addition to this, the doll also comes with a block set of red candles, which can be used to show the progress of the Barbie’s portfolio - green candles are sold separately, but will not be available until mid-2024.

In an interview with the Daily Sybil, Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz noted “when girls play with a barbie, we don’t want them to feel limited to more traditional career options like Doctor, Politician or Engineer.”

With the overleveraged degen community being heavily skewed male, Mr. Kreiz is hoping that this new doll can change the narrative “with this new figurine, girls can now envision a world in which they blindly use leverage to ape into whatever the popular altcoin is at the moment.”

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