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Holding Back Laughter, Chinese Central Bank Governor says Digital Yuan to offer anonymity

HONG KONG - Chinese Central Bank Governor Yi Gang, in a recent speech at Hong Kong Fintech Week, attempted to hold back laughter as he emphasized the importance of anonymity for the Digital Yuan.

During his speech, Yi noted that the Digital Yuan is being positioned as an alternative to cash in China.

Pausing to compose himself & wipe away tears Yi stated to a captive audience of Hong Kong students that “privacy protection is one of the top issues on our agenda.”

Stopping at multiple points in his speech to say “someone just told me a really funny joke this morning, I promise”, Yi continued his speech where he promised that data will be encrypted and stored so that personal sensitive information would be anonymized and not shared with third parties.

At the end of his speech, sources noted that Yi frantically ran out of the room and that loud laughter could be heard emanating from the hallway.

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