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Heartwarming: Sam Bankman-Fried Volunteers at Soup Kitchen Used by Former FTX Customers

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NEW YORK CITY - The fall of the cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, has been a devastating blow for its customers and the wider crypto industry.

If you think all cryptocurrency CEOs are a bunch of heartless “crypto bros” who just care about siphoning off money from unsuspecting customers, Sam Bankman-Fried is here to show that he is different.

This heart warming story began after Sam Bankman-Fried learned that many of his former customers had been forced to resort to soup kitchens. One such soup kitchen called “The Red Candle”, was mere blocks from Sam’s mansion in New York City. It wasn’t long before Sam decided to give his customers a surprise of a lifetime: showing up to show that he felt bad for their unavoidable situation - which he maintains he did not cause.

“I am here to try and make my customers whole,” Sam said nodding his head “not financially, but spiritually: one smile and one can of beans at a time.”

With billions in customer funds seemingly missing after being fraudulently transferred to altcoin investment firm, Alameda Research, many former FTX customers have been devastated with some even losing their life’s savings.

While volunteering at The Red Candle Sam took to Instagram, sharing a snap of himself handing out canned food to the line of former FTX customers that live in New York City - all while eating his favorite healthy treat: a cucumber.

~ “Eating cucumbers & making a difference at my local soup kitchen <3 ” his latest post read.

While many jaded members of the cryptocurrency world have called this “a mere publicity stunt” the New York Times was quick to highlight that “there were many other important things Sam could have been doing, but his selfless nature led him to want to make a difference.”

When one ungrateful former customer rudely accosted Sam demanding to know “what you did with all my life savings, Sam! You ruined me!” Sam responded empathetically “you should really try a vegan diet, it’ll do wonders for your stress and your health” before proceeding to give the unruly man a large bag of somewhat fresh vegetables, yum!

After a long hour of volunteering at the Red Candle, Sam was picked up by his family’s chauffeur to return home to the harsh realities of house arrest. But not before warming so many hearts with bowls of soup & a lot of “I am very sorry this thing happened to you.”

Please follow us on Twitter at @thedailysybil here for more satirical cryptocurrency articles & re-tweet to spread awareness

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