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Ground Breaking, Sesame Street Introduces a New ‘Bitcoin Maxi’ Character

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Philadelphia - Next month, viewers of "Sesame Street" will be introduced to Julian, a Muppet who believes that Bitcoin is the only legitimate form of currency, commonly referred to as a ‘Bitcoin Maximalist’.

The program’s producers worked with educators & child psychologists to think through the best way to portray Bitcoin Maximalism. Their goal: Help all children understand why someone with this condition acts the way they do.

On Sunday the show posted videos to YouTube, introducing Julian to the wider Sesame Street audience. Julian sings "Himno Nacional de El Salvador" with his friend Elmo, while holding a picture of Michael Saylor.

"Sesame Street" senior writer Christine Ferraro told "Good Morning America" that the character was complex because "Bitcoin maximalism can be pretty obnoxious."

She added, "When [children] encounter [someone like this] in their real life it’s familiar. And they see that these-- these can be their friends too."

Clips from his debut show depict Julian in normal situations, where he might not answer a new friend directly, but rather focus on its relation to Bitcoin.

For example when Elmo finds a quarter on the ground and wants to share his excitement with his friends, Julian jumps in and notes “109 years ago today, the Federal Reserve was founded. Since then, the US dollar has lost over 96% of its value; I wouldn’t bother holding that quarter if I were you Elmo!”

The other Muppets and children do not shun Julian for being different. In fact, they welcome him with open arms.

With Bitcoin maximalism affecting 1 in 150,000 adults today, there is a chance that many children may cross paths with someone like this. And hopefully, Julian’s role on Sesame Street can help them know what to expect. “It’s wonderful that a Bitcoin Maxi character is being introduced. This will certainly benefit all kids as they will learn to befriend and understand those who are different,” says Michael Halving, MD, expert pediatrician.

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