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FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried in talks to acquire Alaska

ANCHORAGE - Sam Bankman-Fried is looking for more acquisition targets for his crypto trading platform FTX, and the state of Alaska could be a great target.

Asked Wednesday about potential acquisition targets, Bankman-Fried confirmed rumors that he was in discussions with the White House to acquire the 49th state.

“In this market, there are a lot of opportunities we’re seeing that haven’t been available in nearly a century,” he said alluding to fiscal and monetary issues currently facing the United States.

Bankman-Fried went on to bring up that he had recently read Balaji’s The Network State and strongly believed that the acquisition could be key to FTX’s ambitions to be the first firm to deploy a startup society.

FTX has already spent significant capital on a number of acquisition targets from similarly insolvent entities and Alaska could make for an excellent long-term growth opportunity.

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