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Federal Reserve to raise NFT floor prices ahead of midterms amidst pressure from White House

Washington D.C. - In a bid to court the Degen vote, President Joe Biden has put pressure on the Federal Reserve to use Open Market Operations to raise the floor prices on virtually all NFTs.

At a rousing speech given at Union Station to a sprawling homeless encampment, the President gave a passionate televised address he hopes will resonate with the degen community.

“For too long in telegram channels and twitter threads across America, NFT holders have been asking ‘wen moon?’ or ‘wen lambo?’ Biden yelled, pausing to shake his head in disgust before continuing “I’m here to tell you whether you aped hard into Pixelmon or bought some crappy Bored Ape knockoff on the Binance Smart Chain, moon now, MOON NOW!”

This speech comes just a day before the Nov. 8 election, where Democrats are defending their slim majorities in Congress. At DNC offices across the country the new “Moon Now!” banners are being put up in a bid to excite local NFT holders that one assumes must live somewhere.

"I appeal to all Americans, regardless of party," Biden said. "We must vote, knowing what's at stake for those left holding their NFT bags."

Some experts have raised concerns that FOMC involvement in the NFT ecosystem could distort the nascent market. When confronted with these concerns at a press conference, the White House Press Secretary pushed back on these concerns calling them “alarmist.”

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