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FBI Raids FTX Aligned Auditing Firm’s Offices in Decentraland

DECENTRALAND COORDINATES (18, 144) - In a surprise early morning raid Wednesday, heavily armed FBI agent avatars stormed a disgraced FTX aligned audit firm’s offices in downtown Decentraland.

Prager Metis, an international advisory and accounting firm, made headlines in early 2022 when it became the first CPA firm to officially open its Metaverse headquarters in the metaverse platform Decentraland. Prager Metis, is the Audit & Accounting firm that many argue FTX used to rubber stamp its fraudulent financials.

At the time of the office’s opening in Decentraland the CEO of Prager Metis, Glenn Friedman, noted “The opening of a metaverse office reflects Prager Metis’ belief that the metaverse will be the future and technology will continue to influence the way the world operates.”

According to officials, Decentraland avatars dressed as FBI agents wearing the famous ‘FBI windbreakers’ quickly surrounded the Prager Metis office before carrying out the raid. The raid follows revelations of FTX & Alameda’s fraudulent use of customer funds.

The unusual move to raid an office in Decentraland came about when the FBI was unable to find a physical office for Prager Metis.
“We knew that with every minute we waited to act, Prager Metis could be actively destroying evidence” Special Agent & lead investigator Ronald Waldon noted before continuing “when we found out that the [Prager Metis] offices were located in the Metaverse, we knew it was time to get out of our comfort zone in the name of justice.”

Recently, FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with billions in customer funds unaccounted for.

Many crypto focused Venture Capital firms have been forced to write off virtually all their investments in FTX. Many of these VC firms have noted that they based their trust in FTX on the company’s strong 2021 financials, which were supposedly audited by Prager Metis.
Some metaverse experts have noted that the unprecedented move of raiding an office in the metaverse would not bring the real-world executives who run Prager Metis to justice - or executives at FTX for that matter.
When confronted with this criticism Special Agent Waldon scoffed “I might be new to this crypto thing, but from my understanding of the metaverse if an avatar dies in the metaverse they die in real-life and in order to get out of the metaverse you must reach a special phone, so our surprise raid prevented anyone from escaping to the real-world” Waldon noted basing his understanding of the mechanics of the metaverse on the 1999 science fiction film The Matrix.

As Prager Metis CEO, Glenn Friedman’s avatar was led out of the office in handcuffs he is reported to have yelled “get your damn mits off my avatar, you feds!”
Searching through the pixelated metaverse based office building, FBI agent avatars collected numerous NFTs & in-game items belonging to the audit firm. Sources confirmed that these items have been taken back to the FBI’s Decentraland office for further review & analysis.

Following the raid by the FBI, Attorney General Merrick Garland held a press conference in front of the FBI's Office in Decentraland.

“With the successful arrest of the Prager Metis avatars in Decentraland we can finally bring this FTX saga to a close” a pixelated avatar of Mr. Garland stated before continuing “We view the FTX investigation as now closed, let’s all move on folks.”

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