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Entire Cryptocurrency Community Planning to Avoid Family Gatherings This Thanksgiving

Everytown, USA - After investing significant personal capital defending the legitimacy of the crypto industry at Thanksgiving Dinners in 2021, the entire cryptocurrency community has opted to forgo attending family gatherings this year in light of a tumultuous 2022.

The discussion around Thanksgiving Dinner began in the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit when monkeypoxxx_69 noted that “Last year I spent nearly the entire night explaining to my Uncle Larry and Aunt Jan that ‘Bitcorn’ wasn’t ‘funny’ money.”

Tinman_72 quickly chimed in, “I feel like late in 2021 I finally had my parents at least open to the idea that crypto wasn’t just a giant ponzi, 2022 has really set me back.”

The sentiment was widely shared by the nearly 6M members of the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit so the discussion quickly turned to a potential solution.

When Proof_of_Twerk suggested “Hey, why don’t we all just hang out on a twitter space” the entire community quickly rallied around the idea.

As community members began to debate what should be discussed at the all-night Thanksgiving Dinner Twitter space, things quickly got heated as different members had different thoughts on how to spend the special occasion.

WallstreetPetz was able to calm down the community with a message of unity when they wrote “guys guys, it doesn’t matter what we discuss, it matters that we are together. Let’s have some fun, spread rumors, and who knows, maybe cause a bank run on an exchange or two.”

A holiday can be a trying time, so this Thanksgiving make sure to check in on your friends who might have gotten Rekt.

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