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Digital Yuan Airdrop Lands Off Coast of South Carolina

Beijing - China’s Commerce Ministry announced yesterday that a balloon carrying nearly $50M in Digital Yuan & NFTs had been airdropped off the coast of South Carolina after being shot down by U.S. F-22 fighter jets.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the airdrop marked the latest attempt to expand the Digital Yuan pilot program into the United States.

The balloon had originally been intended to airdrop its tokens to the residents of Billings, Montana; however due to unforeseen changes in weather patterns it was blown off course across the continental United States.

This airdrop incident caused much consternation with policy makers in Washington DC. Secretary of State Antony Blinken postponed his visit to Beijing citing China's attempt to “shamelessly shill their sh-tcoin to the hardworking people of the midwest.”

As the balloon floated across the United States many in the ape & degen communities called on the military to shoot down the balloon in a location where the airdropped tokens & NFTs could be easily recovered.

Senior military leadership had advised against shooting down the balloon while it was over populated areas of the United States, noting that the airdropping of Digital Yuan and Communist Party NFTs could trigger a bull run on People’s Bank of China tokens; as is often the case following a high-profile airdrop.

Despite the failure of this most recent airdrop, China remains undeterred. “In 2023, China will continue to look for more scenarios to airdrop the digital yuan into the United States, but an extensive launch seems unlikely. The People's Bank of China will be relying on smaller balloons to airdrop tokens and NFTs” Mao Yin, Director of the Shanghai-based Balloon Foundation told the Daily Sybil.

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