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Chairman Gensler doesn’t recall meeting SBF claiming to be really bad with names

THE BAHAMAS - Amidst controversy that Sam Bankman-Fried’s status of being President Biden’s second largest donor may have led to preferential treatment for SBF’s now insolvent platform, FTX, Chairman Gensler has responded “SBF? I’m drawing a big blank here, you’re saying I met him?”

On March 23, roughly eight months before FTX & Alameda’s collapse, Chairman Gensler granted what some crypto industry experts are calling an unprecedented meeting to the billionaire and prolific fundraiser for Democratic candidates, including President Biden.
Many in the crypto industry are questioning why Chairman Gensler missed FTX’s nefarious activities and obvious ponzi scheme amid his robust industry-wide crackdown. A key concern: a meeting between SBF and Chairman Gensler where they discussed a new SEC-approved crypto trading platform. This approval would have given FTX an incredible advantage over its competitors - with FTX being the first trading platform explicitly meeting the SEC standards.

“Sorry, I’m just really really bad with names or faces, just ask my kids ha” Chairman Gensler noted when confronted by reporters at the Bahamian Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport. Quickly removing his FTX baseball cap he continued “you’re saying the guy’s name is Sam Bankman-Fried? I really wish I could help you here, but you know I meet a lot of people.”

As reporters at the Bahamian airport continued to pepper Chairman Gensler with questions he suddenly pointed off in the distance and said “Hey look over there is that Leonardo DiCaprio? I swear it looks just like him!” before frantically running away as a few of the reporters turned to look.

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