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Bitcoin Maxi Rushed to Hospital After Purchasing An Altcoin

PITTSBURGH - A Bitcoin Maximalist was rushed to the hospital yesterday after accidentally purchasing some Polkadot cryptocurrency.

Shortly before 2:45 p.m, Pittsburgh PD officers responded to a 911 call to the home of one Jacob Smith. They found him collapsed on the floor in what appeared to be a sort of epileptic shock. Witnesses say the man had logged into his Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange account to purchase more Bitcoin, but mistakenly purchased $100 worth of Polkadot.

“Jacob has always been a Bitcoin Maxi” a witness noted to a reporter from the Daily Sybil “he’d always rant on about how Bitcoin isn’t crypto.”

Three other bystanders, also Bitcoin Maxis, appeared to be in various stages of emotional shock having witnessed the heinous mistake committed by their close friend.

The man is being kept stable with a steady drip of Bitcoin maxi twitter posts, surrounded by friends and family at an area hospital.

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